Rainbow Resource Catalogue. You know the one.

If you've been homeschooling for even a nano-second, surely you've heard of Rainbow.  Most likely you've become rather quickly acquainted with this 1300+ page tome if you've been at it for even a year.

I basically have this love/hate thing going on with Rainbow.  Let me show you why:

Ayup.  How many little dollar bills do you suppose are represented by all those pink post-its?  I refuse to even guess.  Now chances are I won't be purchasing every item I marked.....some I want to throw on the WTM forums to ask more about them.  Some I just want to reference if I find I need to switch out something I'm using or add some supplimentation.  Lots are 'wish list' items that my fantasy homeschool could afford.

I will say I've ordered many times from Rainbow over the years and never had an issue.  They are a super company to work with, albeit very conservative in their views.  I appreciate all the reviews they write up on the thousands of products they offer.  It's a good 'starting point' for researching curriculum, although I don't base my decisions solely on their recommendations.  I like to see what the Hive Mind has to say too.  Actual users and all, assuming I can't get my grubby little hands on the material myself....which I can do quite often as I work at a homeschool resale shop

Another catalogue I enjoy browsing and discovering interesting resources is:
Timberdoodle is amazing for finding games and 'out of the box' type curricula.  I found some awesome ideas in there for our school this year, including Max Axiom....which my 10 year old son LOVES:

Here's an inside view:

I'll also be ordering this:
The Global Puzzle

A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview

You can find other resources I use by clicking the 'Resources' tab at the top of the page.  Lotsa links.  Enjoy!
But put the post it notes far, far away or you'll blow your homeschool budget in an afternoon.


Post #1.

Welcome to Post Number One.  I hate Post Number One.  I've written tons of PNOs in my blogging career, and I hate them all.  But ya gotta start somewhere, so here we go.

Today I'll simply say I'm beginning here, post a picture of what hangs above my desk, and call it good.  I'm working at The Learning Garden today, so not much else will be happening, but the boys and I will get some reading in sometime.  I'll keep adding links, pictures and info to my page tabs up thar too.  Ideas: blogroll, links to homeschool support site/forums, and maybe favorite posts.

Post Number One will not be found there.  Breathe easy, my friend.