About Us

Mom and Pop Harvey brought 6 kids into the world 
and somehow managed to add 2 kid in laws in the last 6 years.  
Currently, the youngest 3 still live at home along with their big black dog Bogart
 who keeps them safe from reticent squirrels.  
Mom's been homeschooling since 1997, 
but different kids have gone to private, public, and cottage schools over the years.  
She's even homeschooled a friend's son for a couple years.  
Pop manages the 'puter systems and those who run them at a local company.

A run-down on the prodigy:
(No, I didn't give birth to a gigantic blue ant.  Just sayin'.)

C.Ray and Andrea (25 and 27).  C.Ray works as an editor and web designer, Andrea is in graphic design. 
They are also musicians who write, perform and record with their band Wooden Satellites.  
They are the parents of 2 rather strange but adorable cats, Bermin and Patrick.

Maddie and Josh (22 and 21).  Maddie will be a senior in college and used to work in graphic design at the same company as her dad, but was recently hired as the station co-manager at ReMEDy LIVE (an online Christian radio and music video portal that streams worldwide 24/7).  Josh is also in college and works in B&G at the same company as his father-in-law.  Funny how that works....his mom works there too. Hmmmmm.

Kristen (20).  Kristen is beginning her second year in college studying event management, and is also one of the evening V-jays at ReMEDy Live. (see her from 9-midnight every night). 
She has her own awesome studio apartment, and also works at an uber-fun salad joint.  
She has a boyfriend who's last name is the same as her first name.  Yep.

Gracie (17).  Gracie is working 40 hours at the same uber-fun salad joint as Kristen, while saving up money to move out and go to school.  
She is constantly busy with her youth group, and enjoys missions work to the poor.   
She's a seriously passionate gal.

Benjamin (12).  Benjamin is the resident lego-builder extraordinaire, 
scientist-in-training, Little Big Planet expert level creator, and makes Mom laugh.

Samuel (10).  Sam brings up the rear and he loves to read, play sports, beat video games, 
and do magic tricks. 
His current obsession is origami, which is slowly taking over my home.  
He skips smiling.

Bogart (age unknown, but our guess is maybe 5).  Bogart is our big 100 pound baby.  
We adopted him from the local shelter, and found out he's a dead-ringer for a Gordon Setter 
(also known as a Black and Tan Setter).  
He is soft, lazy, and sweet.  Just the way a dog should be, and Mom can't imagine life without him.  
Hairballs and all.