Our Curriculum

Always in flux, our curriculum choices reflect the eclectic style of our family.  My biggest influence for a long time was  The Well Trained Mind, but without the Latin.  Nowdays, we're experimenting with an online learning program  for the basics with Ben (12) and Sam (10).  Here's the run-down of what  we'll be dabbling in this school season.  I'll add snapshots as I get the goods.....

Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science:

Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day

Character and Religion Study:
 The Family Virtues Guide

Reading thru our collection of vintage Landmark Books for American history with a heavy selection from Sonlight's Cores D and E.  Some will be read aloud, some will be silent reading.


Time 4 Learning and Sonlight E (electricity, magnetism, and atronomy)

Time 4 Learning Art

Piano for Quitters
Classical Kids CDs, Beethoven's Wig CDs, Themes to Remember Vol. 1

Other fun stuff:
The boys attend a weekly Gym & Swim program at our local YMCA.  They also participate in a weekly LEGO Club and are members of the homeschool LEGO Mindstorm competitive team.

We also use Khan Academy and Netflix to suppliment history and science stuff, and there's always good 'ole YouTube. :)