General Homeschooling Resources:
Donna Young
Paula's Archives
Lakeside Learning Garden
Homeschool Reviews
Homeschool Classifieds
Book Mooch
Xiggi's SAT prep method

Sites for supplimenting:
(please note:  I don't use all of these, some I haven't used at all, so use with discretion)
 Listen to books read aloud by volunteers
 Classics for Kids
 Lots of activities for studying classical music
A Lifetime of Color
Art games, lessons, timeline
 Living Math
 Fabulous site for incorporating math skills in everyday life
Learn a foreign language with native speakers for free!
A Chronicle of the Earth
A blog that lists NetFlix movies to go with SWB's Story of the World
Movies and Documentaries for History
A thread on the WTM forums that lists user favorites for 8th grade and up

Information for VSLs:
Visual Spatial Learners
Visual Spatial Learners II
Visual Spatial Learners III
Visual Spatial Learners IV

Favorite Curriculum Providers:
Royal Fireworks Press (MCT language arts materials)
Peace Hill Press (Well Trained Mind resources)
Rainbow Resource Center