The Week.

One of the things I'd like to do on this blog is incorporate a weekly round up of stuff that we did or interesting stuff that happened to us. After all, the tag line around here is 'stuff we do'. This is, of course,  for the purpose of keeping family up to speed (and for sheer bragging.... duh).  If that kinda thing weirds you out, just avoid Sundays at the harvey files.  Actually, I will prolly need to do some venting and complaining and scratching where it itches too....so if *that* kinda thing weirds you out, just move along to the next blog in the webring.  No harm, no foul.  See ya on Monday.

This past week was full of ups and downs due to my hubs and 16 yo DD Gracie being outta town.  They were on a youth service trip in Chicago.

One day they sorted clothes for a clothing bank.

Another day they filled huge bags of dry cereal for the food bank.

Another couple days they handed out pop ice and cold water in some neighborhoods and a vacant lot used by the homeless.

Met some very interesting folks....for instance, one fella who sold single cigarettes for .50 with his bouncer side kick holding a tire iron.

They also had an opportunity to visit Willow Creek and hear Rob Bell speak on 'The Third Way'.

The kids were really taken with his message, but not with the church.  No offense.  I'm sure it's a lovely church, but it was quite a paradigm shift for them coming from working with the poor in the inner-city, showering at the Y, sleeping in pews or on the church floor, eating homecooked meals by local church members (fried chicken, collards and cornbread biscuits....don't get not better than that!)...
.....to the sanitized auditorium of Willow Creek in the 'burbs.  They definitely caught the difference.  Which is awesomeness because they all live in the 'burbs themselves here in NE Indiana.  With the corn and soy beans.

On the home front, I was doing my part serving God by attempting not to sell my boys to the circus in 90 degree muggy heat as they picked at each other over Every. Stinkin'. Thing.  That was a joke.  Kinda.  I also worked on revamping our screened in porch with paint, refurbished furniture and fabric.  Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes played a supporting role, as did our plastic, snap-together pool.  Don't hate. 

I also did some more cooking and photo-snapping of the finished recipes for the online family cookbook.


We did a touch of school each day.  Sam the Younger polished off Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Ben the Older picked up an Artemis Fowl and a Charlie Bone.  Since dad came home, we got the next Percy Jackson and Sam began devouring that as well, whilst Ben started the first.  They wantto go see the movie, but I told them they had to read the book first.  That's 'cause I'm a mean mom. Most days.

Ben built a game board with his LEGO's including rules.  It was pretty incredible.  I mean, Parker Bros can start working on signing him on.  Seriously.

I joined up at a couple new homeschooling forums.  Check out Secular Homeschool and The Homeschool Lounge.  Don't get whiplash.  *grin*  I haven't left my beloved Well Trained Mind Forums, though, have no fear.  Anyone know if there's a button/gadget/widget for WTM  I can snag to add to my bar over thar----> ?

Well, if you've made it this far, I have a wee request:  there are a million and one homeschooling blogs, and just one less than a zillion online resources for homeschoolers, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can add to my spot on the web to add to the fray?  Anything you're wondering about me or my homeschool or Little Debbie Cakes?  Leave a comment.  I'm all about listening to myself type, but I'd like this to be an interactive place too.  I'm not *that* self-centered.  I turn the me-meter down sometimes.  I only have 5 blogs, ya know.

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