The Panic sets in.

My high school student, Jason, will arrive next Monday for his first day of school.  You'll remember that I've been doing bits of school with my own 2 this summer, but next week I'll be juggling all three.

I received my Rainbow order last week, but due to the crazy stuff happening around here (moving 2nd dd into her new apartment), I'd not had time to really dig into it.  Well, last night I did.  It was bad.  Very bad....

I had decided most of Jason's curriculum should be self-teaching since he'll only be with me 3 days a week.  I'd looked into several programs, but decided on Alpha Omega Lifepacs for LA, History/Geography, Spanish, and Science.  I poked my nose into them last night, all ready with sharpened pencil and planbook in hand, and had a panic attack.  These will. not. work.  Not for him, not for me.  FAIL.  I just am not mean enough to make him sit and do these worktexts.  Back to Rainbow they go, leaving me scrambling for ideas on what to use with him.

I need to find a writing program, with a bit of grammar review.  I need to find a history program, though I'm leaning towards using SWB's history stuff with him.  I need to plan literature study.  I have no clue what to use for science.  Not a freaking clue.

So, we're in panic mode.  Here's what I'm considering:
Meaningful Composition: straightforward, hand-holding writing instruction.  Cheap.  Downside for us, it's extremely Christian. 
MCT Essay Voyage and Grammar/Practice Voyage.  Not sure he can do much of this alone....
The Lost Tools of Writing: would love to get my hands on this, but the cost is prohibitive. 

History....just having him plug away in SWB's The History of the Medieval World, using 8th grade logic recs for studying history in TWTM until he's comfy with outlining, summary writing, and timelining. 

Literature...same as above, using period literature and the questions from TWTM. 

Science....I give.  No direction whatsoever.  After having fits with Apologia Biology last year, I dread handing him another Wile book.  Oh help.

I've been stalking the forums, trying to devise a new plan, but I'm just overwhelmed at this point. 

At least the other stuff seems to be ok: Fallacy Detective, Life of Fred Geometry and Keys to Algebra, and Picture This SAT Word.  All seem doable.  I suppose I can start him with those at least.



SaDonna said...

You gotta love those moments when you "think" you are one step ahead .. only to realize ...

Sorry about that. Good luck in finding a science program that works. I also liked the looks of Meaningful Composition, but mine are pretty young 7 & 9, so we are starting with MC4 - First Semester. I might even back up and do the free weeks of CQLAs Prelevel writing sections on proper sentence forming, but even MC 4 seems fairly straight forward.

SaDonna said...
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Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!